Artist Feature at iStore Union Square

Ben Bonart's current show "I LOVE NY " is on view until September 15th, 2017 at iStore Union Square (click for directions)
Liberty & Newyork

Liberty & Newyork

Ben Bonart is a passionate painter who began his artistic journey as a creative marketing professional. He references his art historical inspirations such as Jackson Pollock, Mark Rothko and Jasper Johns, while putting his personal contemporary spin on these influences. Since the artist was born and raised in Washington, D.C., it is no surprise that political icons like the American flag and the peace sign have also made their way into his artwork.

Color, light and form play a large role in Bonart's work. By infusing works with a wonderful glowing warmth, he creates amplified deep space. This exaggeration is further fleshed out by his use of highly saturated color, which is not naturalistic and which draws both the eye and the attention while also intriguing the mind. Many of Bonart's works are a vision of something very close to our natural world. Yet Bonart has the ability to put a microscope over the tangible fantasy of everyday experience, making viewing each piece a unique and memorable journey..

feel good art by Ben Bonart

"Creating charms its creator. which comes through in each creation"

Ben’s feel good art is a combination of chance and deliberation. He wants the viewer to get lost in the imagery, to feel a freedom to peek into the world that radiates vibrations of hues that evoke the expression of pure joy.

Ben’s process is dynamic, interactive and expansive. creating compelling art that delights the eye. ignites the spirit and works with surrounding elements to tie together and enhance its space. whether a product. a room, a garden or a city block. Color, form, and light mutually relate creating something new and better.

feel good art absorbs the energy around him and transmits it to others.

iStore is honored to have Ben’s art work in our NYC Union Square location. The exhibition will start August 1 and open for public through September. Come to see our NYC location as well as Ben’s amazing art works.