What is iStore Health Check?
This proprietary software is designed to check for imminent failures and act as a preventive measure for issues such as battery malfunction, hard drive crashes and malware (AKA viruses, spyware, adware and other bothersome software).

Each health check is designed to verify hardware failures only. Your personal information is in no way accessible by iStore or its staff. To view an example of the information seen by our technicians, click here. For additional information about privacy visit the "iStore health check" section of our privacy policy.

If you've brought in your computer for service at one of our locations you may have received a complementary installation of this software, to help keep your Mac healthy.

Below is a list of some of the things that are routinely checked with our small, non-invasive software.

Server Software

Backup Systems
Time Machine

Storage Devices
Disk Errors (I/O)
Read Systems

Network Errors

System Performance
Failing Battery
Kernel Panic
Faulty RAM
Power Issues

1 Year Home User Subscription $29.00
1 Year Business User Subscription $49.00

Service Team Use

The following links are group specific installers: