If your iPhone is not working, we can run a diagnosis and advise you on how to get it repaired. iStore by St.Moritz is authorized to repair iPhones using Genuine Apple® Parts backed up by Apple’s 90-day warranty. Depending on the type of service required, some repairs can be completed as quickly as in 2-3 hours.

In the unfortunate event that your iPhone needs to be replaced, it may take an additional 3-5 days depending on the diagnosis and Apple’s inventory. Parts required for same day service are usually in stock with us. Our service advisor will provide you with an estimate turn-around time and also recommend alternate methods to back up your iPhone. Always ensure that back-up has been done for your iPhone prior to service.

our stores have the capacity to replace your cracked display, same day, within 2-3 hours. Service charges are as below

In-Warranty:  No charge

Out of Warranty:

  • Diagnostic fee* – $50
    * diagnostic fee can be applied toward the cost of repair.
  • Estimated Time: 48 hours**
    ** some services may be done on the same day such as battery replacement, screen repair.

Our diagnosis is a complex process. Our authorized and experienced technicians open up the device and do different tests, to ensure that the problem is clearly identified and resolved as per Apple® guidelines. Depending on the problem, the diagnosis and repair may take time. The diagnostic fee can be applied towards the cost of the repair or towards a new computer.

Cracked your phone screen and need it fixed ASAP? At iStore by St.Moritz, we can fix it the same day. Drop your iPhone at our store, and we will give you a call once it is ready.

  • Service will take 2-3 hours approximately
  • Same day repair is available in our Union Square NYC, Englewood & Parisppany NJ locations.

With Apple® care: $29

Out of warranty:

iPhone modelScreen repair onlyOther damageBattery
iPhone 14 Pro Max$379$549$114
iPhone 14 Pro$329$499$114
iPhone 14 Plus$329$199$114
iPhone 14$279$169$114
iPhone SE (3rd gen)N/AN/AN/A
iPhone 13 Pro Max$329$499$104
iPhone 13 Pro$279$449$104
iPhone 13 miniN/A$299$104
iPhone 13$279$349$104
iPhone 12 Pro Max$329$499$104
iPhone 12 Pro$279$449$104
iPhone 12 mini$229$299$104
iPhone 12$279$349$104
iPhone SE (2nd gen)$129N/A$104
iPhone 11 Pro Max$329N/A$104
iPhone 11 Pro$279N/A$104
iPhone 11$199N/A$104
iPhone XS Max$329N/A$104
iPhone XS$279N/A$104
iPhone XR$199$399N/A
iPhone X$279$549N/A
iPhone 8 Plus$169$399N/A
iPhone 8$149$349N/A
iPhone 7 Plus$169$349N/A
iPhone 7$149$319N/A
iPhone 6s Plus$169$329N/A
iPhone 6s$149$299N/A

*Same day screen repair only applies to iPhone 6s and above

Screen fix is a two-hour process. We follow procedures, tests, and guidance from Apple to ensure quality of repairs. Anything less than that is not standard procedure as per Apple guidance, and may cause further damage to the phone. We will never follow any short-cut to fix screens.

  • Service Fee: Starting $49 (depending on the iPhone models)
  • Estimated Time: Same day, when parts are in stock, Service takes 2-3 hours approximately.

We know how frustrating it is to lose important data. We are here to help you retrieve any data such as your documents, pictures, music, videos and much more.

Attempt Fee: $49

There are several methods to recover the data. You can be assured that we will try all the possible ways to recover your data. Once the data is recovered this attempt fee is reduced from the final service fee.

Tier 1

  • $149 + Cost of storage medium (Flash Drive or Hard Drive) if it is not provided by the customer.
  • Estimated Time: 3-5 days

Tier 2

  • Service Fee: $399 + Cost of storage medium (Flash Drive or Hard Drive) if it is not provided by the customer.
  • Estimated Time: 7 days

Tier 3

Clean Room (Requires special equipment or to be sent to a third party).

  • Service Fee: $999***
  • Estimated Time: 2 weeks

* For Clean Room service a $200 refundable deposit.

iPhone Speaker: $59

iPhone Rear Camera

iPhone modelPrice
iPhone 14 Pro Max$219
iPhone 14 Pro$219
iPhone 14 Plus$169
iPhone 14$169
iPhone SE (3rd gen)N/A
iPhone 13 Pro Max$199
iPhone 13 Pro$199
iPhone 13 mini$169
iPhone 13$169
iPhone 12 Pro Max$199
iPhone 12 Pro$199
iPhone 12 mini$169
iPhone 12$169
iPhone SE (2nd gen)N/A
iPhone 11 Pro MaxN/A
iPhone 11 ProN/A
iPhone 11N/A
iPhone XS MaxN/A
iPhone XSN/A
iPhone XR$79
iPhone XS Max$149
iPhone XS$85
iPhone X$85
iPhone 8 Plus$89
iPhone 8$79
iPhone 7 Plus$79
iPhone 7$79
iPhone 6s Plus$75
iPhone 6s$75
iPhone 6 Plus$65
iPhone 6$65
iPhone 5s$65

As per Apple® guidance, any water damage to phones cannot be fixed.
Phones with water damage need to be replaced with a new unit.