Home on-site Service

Let iStore come to you. We offer assistance in setting up your devices and making sure your home networking is running, as it should. If you are having network or wifi issues or need help to speed up the Internet we are here. We can help set up new devices such as Apple TV or Apple HomePod, Smart Home. Our technicians also provide trainings to teach you how to best use your Mac and back up your system. To set up an appointment or further questions call us now.

Office on-site Service

Our experienced technicians are readily available for on-site troubleshooting and support.
We provide assistance in networking or printer issues. We also conduct desktop troubleshooting. If you need help setting up any new devices and connect to network.

Schedule an onsite, please send email to sales@istorestm.com.  or call 201-831-8050 for the location that you would to send technician to your location