Time to Restart Your Mac? Here’s How to Get Back to Work Quicker

Time to Restart Your Mac? Here’s How to Get Back to Work Quicker

Having to restart your Mac can be a minor hiccup in your workflow, but it doesn’t have to derail your entire day.
At iStore by St. Moritz, your go-to source for Mac repair near you, we understand the importance of minimizing downtime.
Here are some expert tips from our authorized Apple iPhone Repair store to get you back to work quicker after a restart, ensuring your productivity remains high.

Upgrade Your Mac’s Speed & Performance on Restart

1. Automate Reopening of Apps and Tabs

Upon restarting, you don’t have to waste time reopening all your apps and browser tabs manually. In your macOS System Preferences, enable the feature labeled “Reopen windows when logging back in.”
This setting is a lifesaver, especially for those with a busy work schedule and limited time to waste. For Chrome users, select “Continue where you left off” in the settings. Most browsers and applications have similar options, so make sure you check these out.

2. Manage Your Login Items

The fewer login items your Mac has, the faster it will start up. Navigate to System Preferences > Users & Groups > Login Items.

Here, you can manage and reduce unnecessary applications that automatically launch at startup, a simple yet effective step.

3. Prevent Unnecessary Startup Actions

Certain applications may schedule automatic actions that slow down your startup. Just like managing login items, you can control these actions in the same section of System Preferences.

Disabling these can significantly improve your startup time. Consult an Apple support service in New York if you’re not sure how to proceed.

4. Keep Your Hard Drive Uncluttered

A cluttered hard drive not only slows down startup but also affects overall Mac performance. Regularly delete unused files and applications to keep your Mac running smoothly.

This practice is especially beneficial for businesses and those using their Mac for work.

5. Opt for Wired Peripherals

Surprisingly, using a wired mouse and keyboard can reduce your startup time. Wireless peripherals often add a few seconds to the waking process. If speed is a priority, opt for wired connections.

6. Consider Hardware Upgrades

Upgrading to a newer Mac model or switching from a hard disk to an SSD can drastically improve your startup time.

These upgrades are especially beneficial for older models, and an authorized computer repairs service specialising in Mac repair near you can guide you through the best options.

Find Quality Mac Repair Near You

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