i phone repair service

Yeah, you read that right. You can get your iPhone screen repaired right where you are, at home, office, friends’ place, wherever. Because, shattered screens can and do happen; anytime, anywhere.

So, just don’t run off yet to the nearest iPhone store in New York. We know you are sad, but it’s not a disaster. There are ways you can get iPhone screen repairs in New York.

The easiest, quickest, and safest way is to just call us

On-site iPhone Screen Repair Center in New York | iStore NJ, NYC & Parsippany

We’ll come to you, wherever you are, get the iPhone screen repair done in minutes and get out of your way. Seeing your iPhone screen cracked is traumatizing enough, you don’t need the added trouble of finding an iPhone repair shop in New York and drive all the way and stand in a queue to drop your phone. Plus, we are the only Apple® Authorized Service Provider authorized for on-site iPhone repair in New York; we got your back.

Walk-in to our iPhone repair shop and store in Union Square, Manhattan

Of course, you are welcome to our store, if you feel like getting out for some air and a bit of exercise. Drop your iPhone at the counter, and walk around, while our technicians get your iPhone screen fixed for you.

Do it yourself

There are tutorials on the internet for that, but we should warn you that you can end up doing more damage. We have had customers with damaged iPhones calling us up after trying to fix up their iPhone screen themselves. We never say, “We told you so,” we are nice that way.

So, there you are. Now, that you are over the initial shock of seeing your iPhone screen broken, book an on-site repair right away, and our technicians from our iPhone store in New York will visit you at your place

On-site iPhone Screen Repair Center

Our On-Site Screen Repair in New York Service

  • No need to wait in a line at Apple® Stores.

  • No need to visit any other Apple® Authorized locations in New York.

  • No need to worry about unauthorized repair locations.

  • We come to you, at your office or home, and replace the display.

  • One-time $99 service charge for on-site service.

  • Standard display priced based on AppleCare terms and conditions.

Within AppleCare + $29

Out of warranty or without AppleCare +

Check here for service charges

  • The only Apple® Authorized Service Provider authorized for on-site iPhone repair in New York.

  • $99 service charge is only applicable in and around Manhattan, New York.Please email to sales@istorestm.com or call us at (201) 831-8050for a quote for any area outside of Manhattan, NY.